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Money is a game with many facets and a lot of potential outcomes. We know that the key to making it to your financial goals is to start from the inside (yourself) and work outwards from there.

With that, we have a team that is focused wholly on helping others. Our team you see below are professionals, they are investors, their experiences are worth listening to. Each with a unique story just like yours. We, for the most part, come from humble beginnings – a mechanics family, a labourers family, a roofers etc. – and have each made it to investing after trialling many things, before settling on a workable strategy that we know works to grow wealth for those that apply it properly.

There are so many ways that Australians can do better financially and we really know your time is precious, hence we have built systems and brought in technology to assist you to formulate strategy, implement and monitor your success. We hope your journey from here is about to be a whole lot better for meeting us.

Our aim is to help you find your ‘why’, then help you find the right ‘how’, and then work with ‘what’ we know can see you closer to your goals.

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Meet the Finwell Team

Adam Carmody

Executive Director

After a career that began as a mechanic with his father, playing some sports at very high levels, he was inspired to become an investor and coach. His career has spanned 20 plus years and includes working with some of Australia’s leading names in financial services, he brings to Finwell the experience and being a qualified accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker and property agent, he has the know how to help you do better financially.

Favourite food: Grilled salmon

Goal: To give Australians clear ways to improve their financial situation, through education, quality service and investments that work.

Damian Espinosa


Damian was born in Mexico, raised and educated in Los Angeles. His first career was working with a very successful software developer. In Los Angeles he met a young Australian girl and soon after came to Australia to get married and start a family [there are now three young children].

Favourite food: Chilli (anything spicy)

Goal: Helping you improve your financial position now and forever.

Stuart Lavender

General Manager of Real Estate

Stuart is General Manager of the Real Estate division at Finwell. His role is to source investment properties that fit within our value criteria and thus make a good fit for the client’s investment needs. He looks after his health so his kids who are getting bigger, stronger and faster every day don’t go missing when they go bush!. He trains up to 6 days per week for 45 minutes min per session and eats clean healthy food that has minimal “H.I.” content (Human interference) in it.

Favourite food: Chargrilled Rib Eye Steak cooked medium Rare with garlic, pepper and red wine sauce with in-season veggies and scallop potatoes.

Goal: To be able to retire at 55 if I want to and be able to maintain a great lifestyle with my wife and kids.

Daniel Milne

Senior Financial Planner

After a career spanning many diverse roles, from volunteering in a drug rehabilitation facility, slate roofing, Human Resource Management, a not-for-profit with over 100 staff, or working in administration and then graduating to sales in Financial Planning, Daniel has a wealth of experience in getting things done, which all goes to assist him in his management role with the group.

Favourite food: All of it… I’ve been ruining the buffet industry for as long as I can remember!

Goal: Seeing lives improved for the better!

Natalie Conti

Executive Assistant

Natalie first started her journey in retail pharmacy, spanning over 14 years within the customer service space. In that time she built great rapport with customers and work colleagues which eventually led her to be a fully trained dispensary technician, allowing her to work along with the pharmacist preparing and administering medication for customers.

Favourite food: Any meal with my husband!

Goal: See my daughter reach her goals!

Simone Evans

Senior Financial Planner

After a broad career which includes working as an accountant, a Human Resource Manager and a Policewoman, you cannot ask for a more well-rounded coach to assist you with your finances. This young lady is a mother of three children, a property investor, and understands money really well. Simone is qualified as an accountant and financial planner (with SMSF Specialisation). We know her enthusiasm, attention to detail and genuine care are huge assets to clients wealth creation.

Favourite food: Anything from the breakfast menu....yum!

Goal: To help guide and support people to achieve their financial freedom as well as achieving it for my family and myself.

Gavin Derepas

Senior Financial Planner

Gavin is able to take on just about anything – from solving financial difficulties, reducing tax or investing your life savings.  Gavin uses his knowledge and experience, gained from over 20 years as a Financial Planner when creating financial strategies for clients. He works with clients to understand their financial objectives to create a comprehensive and tailored financial strategy to achieve practical solutions, regardless of the size of their investment. Gavin has been helping clients achieve their financial objectives and lifestyle goals for over 20 years. He guides his clients through the ever-changing superannuation landscape and helps to clear the confusion of the seemingly endless rules and regulations. He enjoys seeing individuals gain the confidence to make informed decisions so they can get on with enjoying the things that matter most to them. Every successful corporation and business in the world has a financial plan to ensure their success, and Gavin believes every individual and family should have one too.

Favourite food: Chargrilled rib eye steak

Goal: To help people be financially free, by achieving their lifestyle goals whilst maintaining peace of mind.