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A formula that is the basis of any wealth in all aspects of life including money is:


‘Wealth’ in this context means an abundance of something desirable;
‘Contribution’ means something is done that creates even more survival; and
‘Consumption’ means something taken away from the fruits of that contribution.

This formula applies to life in general, be it relationships, time or money. For example, it relates to time. If we organise our time so as to devote some time to controlling our time (contribution), we have less time doing things that waste time (consumption), as a result, we end up having more time (wealth) to doing things we enjoy. The reverse is also true. If our time is not organised efficiently (lack of contribution), we will end up spending time or inviting time on trivial things (consumption), then end up with a shortage of time (lack of wealth).

This rule applies in the same way to relationships. Putting in contributions to our relationships strengthens them, and the reverse is also true, relationships that lack contribution from each party end up with less than desirable outcomes.

So it is true that focusing on contribution works. With that, if we just spent more time contributing to our finances: meeting a financial professional about making our assets work harder, regularly reviewing our portfolio and cash flow, making certain we are getting value for money, wouldn’t this result in more wealth?

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