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Are you someone striving for a better financial future? If you have been looking for help with money but didn’t know where to start. Well look no further, we have the answers to your questions, all put in an easy to understand and usable format. Our interactive workshops allow you to ask questions, while learning from industry experts who are themselves successful investors.

Gavin Derepas who has been an adviser for over 20 years in Queensland has invited Finwell’s CEO Adam Carmody CFP®, who is a qualified; financial planner, mortgage broker, property agent and accountant to speak to you at an exclusive event designed to help you navigate your finances for a better future. With over 20 years of experience in navigating financial markets we know this event is not to be missed.


You will learn here how over 1,000 of Adam’s clients have created significant wealth (some up to $1,000,000) for themselves using a proven long term formula for investment selection. As far as we know these methods are only literally applied within his business and could prove one of your most valuable lessons on money you ever learn. In addition to this material, you will learn:

  • How to make the most of salary packaging/sacrificing benefits.
  • How to find great value investment opportunities in today’s market – we will show you real examples of how this has been applied.
  • What are the key factors that will shape the future of Australia’s economy.
  • The key ways to take the STRESS out of your money.
  • How to pay down your mortgage as quickly as possible, without taking unwarranted risks.
  • How to manage investment risk so as not to lose my hard earned money.
  • Making more of your tax dollars.
  • Common sense risk management that experts use to protect their wealth, that you can apply right now to your investments.

Register below and we promise we’ll show you how you can do better financially.

Your Seminar Speakers

adam carmody - finwell group team

Adam Carmody

Executive Director

After a career that began as a mechanic with his father, playing some sports at very high levels, Adam was inspired to become an investor and coach. His career in financial services has spanned over 20 years and includes working with some of Australia’s leading names in the industry. Adam brings to Finwell many qualifications and experience including being a qualified accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker and property agent. As Executive Director of Finwell, Adam has the passion and knowledge to help you do better financially.

gavin derepas - finwell group team

Gavin Derepas

Senior Financial Planner

Gavin has over 20 years as a Financial Planner and uses his knowledge and experience when creating financial strategies for clients – from solving financial difficulties, reducing tax, setting up for retirement or investments. Gavin works with clients to understand their individual financial objectives to help them create a comprehensive and tailored financial strategy to achieve practical solutions, regardless of the size of their investment. Through his experience and expertise, Gavin guides clients through the ever-changing superannuation landscape and helps to clear the confusion of the seemingly endless rules and regulations. He enjoys seeing individuals gain the confidence to make informed decisions so they can get on with enjoying the things that matter most to them.