At Finwell Group we believe in building your skills and knowledge so that you can be in control of your financial goals. This is why we run regular complimentary Zoom workshops on a variety of topics.

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Financial advice

Whatever your stage in life, whether you are looking at buying a property, planning your retirement or expanding your business, our comprehensive financial planning services can help you achieve your goals.

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When it comes to financing or re-financing your home or investment property, the specialist team at Finwell Lending know how to help you get the best solution for your needs.

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Tailored advice based on your personal circumstances, 
encompassing property, shares, bonds and other investment vehicles.

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Business consulting

The Finwell team work with many clients who are also business owners. We know from experience that growing a business can be hard, and as a business owner, you run into a lot of challenges when organising your business.

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Finwell Group - Our History

Finwell Group history

Upcoming Events

What Lies Ahead – Feb 2nd, 2022. 

What if you had a time machine?

As always we welcome you to the new year and hope that your festive season was filled with joy and positive thoughts about the future. We know that it is not a time we can be resting on our laurels. With all the economic turmoil of the past almost two years, you’d be forgiven for wondering where one can safely make returns moving forward. It is clear that there are some big issues in front of us. So we have decided to put on an interactive session for our valued audience to give you some certainty about what to do to navigate the path ahead. In our 1 hour session we will help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the key market indicators to watch in order to stay aware of the storm?
  • Is there value in the key markets?
  • How to assess your own existing investments.
  • What to do to increase your future outcomes.
  • How to find the opportunity in the current/coming market cycles.
  • What to watch out for in the year ahead.

All of these things and much more will be provided in this 1 hour, useful and compact event just for you.

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