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Finwell offers individually tailored advice on your investments based on a review of your personal circumstances, requirements and attitudes to risk.

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Finwell Property

Finwell’s property advisory service is a detailed, multi-step process commencing with a strategy meeting to identify and assess your goals. Finwell places your goals at the forefront of our wealth building and property advisory service. Planning is a key element in goal achievement and we ensure our team has a workable plan to execute.

Once your goals are clear, we educate you on your personal situation and help you understand how you can achieve your goals with real estate. The Finwellproperty education program is designed to provide you knowledge so that you are prepared for your investment journey. Knowledge is power, and we ensure our clients know what makes a good property investor and how to emulate this in your homes. We provide tools to help with making the right investment decisions, such as how the investment markets work, how to assess cash flow and in-depth analysis of property options using a technology that we have refined over the past decade. All in all, we want to help you understand what a property investment portfolio may offer you.

The implementation phase of our service provides you with the tools to analyse and research your options while we work to ensure your financial situation is clarified and confirmed. Whether your next course of action is finding another asset, disposing of an asset, seeing a money management coach, finance specialist or structural advice from legal and/or accounting professionals, we will implement a plan to achieve your goals.

We believe there are short term approaches to successful investment as well as long term strategies that are workable and minimise risks. We apply financial modelling to ensure your goals are understood, the importance of effective money management is clear and your property investment is goal oriented and run under a strict framework.

We research and evaluate the property market, having access to 20 years of Residex on all suburbs, aiming to provide advice taking into account the fundamental dimensions of a good investment suburb. We have strong relationships with quality developers and builders as well as having our own building arm with complete access to the construction process. We aim at delivering the right solution to our clients by providing options to suit different needs.

Once the appropriate investment decision is made, it’s over to contracts, insurance, settlement and property management. We provide a property management service to our clients, constantly updating with the ongoing changes in technology as well as the expectations of the investment and renting community.