Meet our amazing Finwell Group team

adam carmody - finwell group team

Adam Carmody

Executive Director

After a career that began as a mechanic with his father, playing some sports at very high levels, Adam was inspired to become an investor and coach. His career in financial services has spanned over 20 years and includes working with some of Australia’s leading names in the industry. Adam brings to Finwell many qualifications and experience including being a qualified accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker and property agent. As Executive Director of Finwell, Adam has the passion and knowledge to help you do better financially.

Goal: To give Australians clear ways to improve their financial situation,through education, quality service and investments that work.

ben lawrence

Ben Lawrence

Deputy CEO

Having significant and international background in staff training and administrative structuring, Ben is the mind behind the organization, policies and systems that allows Finwell to do what it does so well – efficiently help people achieve their financial goals without losing that personal touch. Ben is regularly reviewing and refining the eco-system that is Finwell and it’s team resulting in a cohesive group all moving in the one direction.

Goal: To create, refine and drive a group that makes both its clients and staff win.

stuart lavender - finwell group team

Stuart Lavender

Senior Consultant

Stuart has had extensive experience in investments and property sales for over 20 years. As Senior Consultant at Finwell Group, Stuart helps clients to identify their specific needs and personal financial goals, ensuring the tailored solutions provided meet these requirements. With support from the Finwell financial planning and lending teams, Stuart works directly with clients on property projects, managing them through to successful completion. Using his significant experience, Stuart advises clients on many areas he has done himself including SMSF, Tax, Mortgage Reviews and cashflow management.

Goal: Stuart’s goals for his clients are the same as his own goals, to improve their financial position enough to comfortably retire early.

Troy Burnside

Troy Burnside

Business Development Manager

Troy is a Senior Business Development Manager of Finwell Group. Troy has over twenty years of broad experience in managing investments, working across many fields. 

Troy is a rare commodity in this industry, having held senior roles in the Construction, Auto and Finance fields, from technical roles to national brand management.

He is working to achieve the very goals that you are. He is also a successful investor in his own right and can speak from experience on the right and wrong ways to approach wealth.

simone evans - finwell group team

Simone Evans

Senior Financial Planner

After a broad career which includes working as an accountant, a Human Resource Manager and a Policewoman, Simone took the step into Financial Services after investing in property herself. As a qualified accountant and financial planner (with SMSF Specialisation), Simone has helped many clients improve their financial circumstances and set achievable goals for the future. She is known for her passion, enthusiasm, attention to detail and genuine care for her clients which are all huge assets when assisting clients with their wealth creation.

Goal: To help guide and support people to achieve their financial freedom as well as achieving it for my family and myself.

daniel milne - finwell group team

Daniel Milne

Senior Financial Planner

Daniel has had a career spanning many diverse roles, from volunteering in a drug rehabilitation facility, slate roofing, Human Resource Management and working for a large not-for-profit organisation. Since moving into Financial Services, Daniel has gained extensive experience working in finance administration, sales and Financial Planning. His wealth of experience means Daniel is a key member of our team, now leading the team ensuring accurate and timely delivery of our services plus new service development.

Goal: Seeing lives improved for the better!

gavin derepas - finwell group team

Gavin Derepas

Senior Financial Planner

Gavin has over 20 years as a Financial Planner and uses his knowledge and experience when creating financial strategies for clients – from solving financial difficulties, reducing tax, setting up for retirement or investments. Gavin works with clients to understand their individual financial objectives to help them create a comprehensive and tailored financial strategy to achieve practical solutions, regardless of the size of their investment. Through his experience and expertise, Gavin guides clients through the ever-changing superannuation landscape and helps to clear the confusion of the seemingly endless rules and regulations. He enjoys seeing individuals gain the confidence to make informed decisions so they can get on with enjoying the things that matter most to them.

Goal: To help people be financially free, by achieving their lifestyle goals whilst maintaining peace of mind.

emma schmidt

Emma Schmidt

Chief Administration Officer

Coming from a background in design and IT, Emma has spent a lot of time working for non-profits and finds helping others to be the most rewarding way to spend time.

Having held various functions in the past from counselling to HR to IT, she now enjoys helping the Finwell Team stay organised and coordinated whether they are working in the main office or remote.

Ensuring the team are set up with everything they need to deliver great service to our clients is her main focus, and seeing the positive changes we make to our client’s lives makes working at Finwell a meaningful career.

tim rickman

Tim Rickman

Marketing Manager

Tim has had significant global experience across marketing, business development, financial services and small business management prior to joining Finwell Group. After spending the early part of his career in the UK in business development and project management roles with a leading global financial services corporation, Tim moved to Australia with the same business before branching out into a marketing role with one of the world’s largest FMCG brands. After further corporate marketing experience, Tim took the step into running his own franchised business, undertaking all facets of running a successful small business operation.

With a focus on mutual successful outcomes for Finwell’s clients and partners, utilising Finwell’s expertise and commitment to quality solutions, Tim brings the Finwell team’s passion and personality to life while understanding how we can continue to meet and exceed expectations.

Goal: To identify Finwell’s client and partner needs to connect them with the appropriate experts within the Finwell group, ensuring successful outcomes for everyone.

stuart holbrook

Stuart Holbrook

Financial Services Executive

Stuart entered the workforce early, working as a labourer and tradesman while finishing his high school education before committing full time to his employment. Stuart has worked in several diverse industries, from security – both as a crowd controller and armed patrol and response through to managing warehouses and large retail stores.

Stuart entered the financial industry initially as a member of a call in team, before moving into administration. He was noted for his leadership skills and ability to organise and create order and was promoted to head of implementations before Finwell leadership decided to expand his responsibilities to encompass all of Financial Planning.

He has held this role for several years now, with his focus on expanding the business’s efficiencies and compliance whilst providing a high quality experience for all of Finwell’s Financial Planning clients.

Dario Chiodo

Relationship Manager

Prior to joining Finwell Group, Dario had a background in financial services and small business management. He spent the early part of his career in mortgage broking and business development and has joined the team to enhance and foster a relationship program with customers and partners.

With a focus on trusted and successful outcomes for Finwell’s clients & partners, Dario is able to offer solutions for further growth and future security moving forward.

Dario is backed by the expertise of the Finwell Group Team and he thrives on providing great outcomes for all partners & clients. He is keen to explore how we can grow together and exceed expectations.

Goal: To connect partners & clients to the holistic services of Finwell Group and achieve mutual growth.

Grace Macca-Chiodo

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Grace has over  20 years experience as a mortgage broker in the finance sector.

Coming from a background as project manager for ANZ Bank, Grace decided to offer her passion for excellent customer service & knowledge of mortgages to clients.

Over this time, Grace has dealt with a wide range of different lending scenarios and prides herself on striving to get the best possible outcome for her clients with the highest level of customer service. No scenario is too complex or too simple.

Grace is an astute property investor herself and loves helping others realise their goals of owning property.

Whether it is to purchase your first home, purchase an investment property or to refinance or restructure your current mortgage, you can rest assured that Grace will find the best solution for you no matter what the situation may be.

Kylie Beck

Client Experience Manager

Kylie has been with Finwell’s Client Experience team for over 2 years now and has extensive history with successfully connecting clients with the right person to address their needs.

Having worked previously in the hairdressing, hospitality and health industries for over 20 years, Kylie brings a very well organised and driven skillset to the team.

She prides herself on keeping her word, directing and communicating well so there is a full understanding of what each client needs as well as assisting in any way that she can to ensure the client has a great experience from the start to finish.

Goal: To make the financial journey of a client easy and enjoyable so as that first part of the journey sets them up for all future endeavours through Finwell. To allow people the opportunity to have that first chat with one of experienced team and that may their future goals become reality from that day forward.

josie gale

Josephine Gale

Property Administrator

As an experienced property administrator, Josephine oversees Finwell’s client property purchases, ensuring that each project reaches a smooth and successful settlement by coordinating closely with our clients, developers, brokers and solicitors.

Josephine has recently returned to the workforce after taking time to look after her children. Previously, Josephine had lived and worked overseas in property focused roles for past 2 decades.

elizaveta lawrence

Elizaveta Lawrence

Accounts Executive

Elizaveta has a strong background in charitable volunteering and is passionate about giving good service as quickly as possible. With many years of experience in entrepreneurial capacities, Elizaveta brings to her role a die-hard approach, routines and dependability in the Finwell Group Accounts department.

joel lawrence

Joel Lawrence

Financial Planning Administrator

Joel heads up our Implementations team here at Finwell, having completed a Bachelors Degree in Commerce with a Major in Accounting and Minor in Economics.

Joel is detail and process oriented, ensuring all clients Statement of Advice implementations are run accurately to deliver successful outcomes. He enjoys working with clients in order to execute the variety of advice presented by our financial advisers.

Prior to working with Finwell, Joel extensively travelled Australia, NZ and Asia in a logistical capacity and project execution.

Caleb Delarue

Caleb Delarue

Financial Planning Administrator

Prior to working at Finwell in 2018, Caleb had extensive experience working in operations, distribution and client service roles. As a valued member of the Finwell administration team, Caleb works closely with clients to ensure accurate organisation of key documentation & information aligned to the strategies recommended by Finwell advisors. With a strong focus on speed of delivery, file accuracy and client communications, Caleb is passionate about ensuring the clients have a successful outcome. His personal focus is to start his own property portfolio by purchasing his first investment property.

Goal: To assist clients to be financially free and well prepared for anything unexpected that happens in life.

byron liang

Byron Liang

Financial Planning Administrator

Byron joined the Finwell implementations team in 2022. As an integral member of the team, Byron corresponds closely with clients to ensure their financial strategies are executed in an accurate and speedy fashion. With a keen eye for detail, Byron ensures that all client expectations are met and is set up in a strong financial position. Alongside his employment at Finwell, Byron is also completing his education. Currently studying a double degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Finance.

Goal: To improve client’s financial positions and to alleviate the confusion around investing.

ethan riley

Ethan Riley

Financial Planning Administrator

Ethan joined the Finwell implementations team in 2023 after extensive management experience in the retail sector. In his Financial Planning implementations role, Ethan converts the client’s agreed advice into action, and corresponds with clients to ensure a smooth process and successful outcomes.

Ethan developed his passion for investing and smart money management by understanding how powerful good advice can be. Having experienced first-hand how quality financial planning can create freedoms, Ethan understands that the results can be fulfilling and can relieve mental stress.

Ethan is currently completing a Bachelor of Business with a major in Financial Planning and aims to become a financial advisor.

Stephanie Holbrook

Financial Planning Administrator

Having started work with Finwell in 2022, Stephanie has become an essential member of the Financial Planning team. In her function within the Implementations team, Stephanie utilizes her considerable attention to detail and focus on quality to ensure client’s financial plans are implemented precisely in line with their requirements.

When not working, Stephanie makes the most of her ability to work remotely and enjoys exploring many beautiful rural areas of Australia with her dog Penny.

fiona gartlan

Fiona Gartlan

Client Experience Associate

Fiona is a versatile and dedicated team member with a wide variety of skills and experiences, plus a profound commitment to community service.

Having seamlessly navigated through roles in retail, administration, and sales, Fiona has honed a diverse skill set that includes excellent customer service, meticulous organizational abilities, and good communication.

Fiona empowers our clients to access valuable and inspiring workshop education content, aiding many people to improve their knowledge of their current circumstances and the first steps they can take to improve their financial future.