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What Lies Ahead- February 2nd, 2022

What lies aheadWhat if you had a time machine?

As always we welcome you to the new year and hope that your festive season was filled with joy and positive thoughts about the future. We know that it is not a time we can be resting on our laurels. With all the economic turmoil of the past almost two years, you’d be forgiven for wondering where one can safely make returns moving forward. It is clear that there are some big issues in front of us. So we have decided to put on an interactive session for our valued audience to give you some certainty about what to do to navigate the path ahead. In our 1 hour session we will help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the key market indicators to watch in order to stay aware of the storm?
  • Is there value in the key markets?
  • How to assess your own existing investments.
  • What to do to increase your future outcome
  • How to find opportunities now and in the coming market cycle
  • What to watch out for in the year ahead

All of these things and much more will be provided in this 1 hour, useful and compact event just for you.

Retire before you Retire – February 22nd, 2022

retire before you retire

Are you worried about the prospect of a secure retirement?

Retirement can be a confusing time.

Not only are you likely to be concerned about your financial situation, but there are other changes happening too.

Perhaps you have some considerations about your health, or your status in the community.

Many of us frame our existence around our work, or our title.

So when it comes to retirement, we struggle with the enormity of the change.

The solution is to ‘retire before you retire’, but what do we mean by that.

In essence, we encourage you to consider all the likely changes and put in place a well thought out plan for yourself.

Time is the enemy when it comes to retirement planning – leave it too late, and you have to risk more to hit the necessary goals and targets.

Plan early, and you’ll be in more control.

Not just with your money, but also your lifestyle as well.

Come to our RETIRE before you RETIRE workshop and find out more or any of our other Free Education Workshops.

If you’d like to speak with our team, please contact us here. 


Mortgage-Broking and property investment

Property Done Well

Next Date: April 14th, 7.30pm A free webinar that pulls back the curtain to show you the process used to help over 2,500 people secure their financial future through property. » Get the facts on successful property investment so you can be certain and confident » Learn how thousands of property investors have succeeded with our help » Know the criteria that has led to over $1 billion in client wealth growth in the past 10 years » How to assess your current assets - sell or keep? » Get an experts’ update on the property market

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Australian money, AUD with SUPER word, calculator, and notebook

SMSF - Self Managed Super

Next Date: May 11th, 7.30pm Attend this free education workshop to find out about Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and how they can help you have greater control of your assets and investment decisions to increase the choices you have in your retirement.

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tax planning

Tax Planning Time

Next Date: May 26th, 7.30pm As we do our tax planning for last year, and look at the year ahead, it is the perfect time to make decisions and get into action. We will cover the key factors that have lead to significant tax savings for property investors. Learn how to remove the worry from your financial future and get more certainty on the year ahead. Hear what the keys to successful investment moving forward in 2022 and beyond. Don’t miss out. Get the real answers from the people who know.

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