Financial Independence

We all want this, we all strive to do better financially but in our busy everyday lives it takes low priority compared to family, work and numerous other commitments. Despite being obviously important, it is not URGENT.

So it often gets put in the ‘I’ll do it later’ box. It is therefore not surprising that very few Australians achieve passive income of more than 60% of their take home pay in retirement income. It’s a lot to stomach taking a 40% pay cut so it’s worth treating it seriously now to avoid the pain of such an adjustment later. This is where financial advice can really help.


In today’s rapidly changing world, a common thread is the desire to gain clarity on their money and it’s potential, however, most people do not know where to begin and the task of managing your finances seems daunting. Even worse than that, certain financial decisions are forced on us when we are fuelled with emotion rather than rationality. This often results in a failure to achieve financial independence and instead of having to work for money instead of enjoyment in one’s later years.


This all considered it’s clear that making financial decisions based on emotion brings about the worst investment decisions of all. Fear and anxieties, and even greed dominate rational thinking processes all too often. So where possible we at Finwell aim to play a coaching role, that of an external advisor, assuming a dispassionate stance to help you work through the pro’s and con’s of your decisions and point you in the direction of the facts, so that you can make an informed choice on how your goals can become reality.


Here at Finwell we have over 2 decades of experience in helping people with their money, as a result, we know that financial independence and financial freedom is possible for almost all the people we meet and help. It is just a matter of following a path that others have paved for us already. There is no magic to this, it’s workable systems applied to help you see how your financial independence is possible, what you need to look out for and what your options are to get you closer, every time we see you.