Smart Investors are getting ready for an upcoming property boom in 2024

31 October 2023, 11:25 pm

Finwell Group presents 4 Compelling reasons why Real Estate is about to get Hot!

Our team have been speaking to hundreds of clients in the past few months and we know there is uncertainty, confusion and cautiousness.

Your primary concerns are about rising inflation and rising interest rates.

With so much confusion and concern, we also know it is a natural response to sit tight and wait it out, hoping that inflation and interest rates improve.

However, this is possibly the worst thing you could do in the current environment. In fact, 2024 is looking like THE year when good planning and action will help deliver strong results as the investment market booms. Smart investors are making their move now to position themselves to take advantage of this upcoming investment boom.

They are reviewing their current mortgages and investments, checking borrowing capacity and getting their financial plans in place, so they know what opportunities are right for them. It is critical for every investor to understand their current position and to prepare themselves to take advantage of opportunities that align with their position and their goals.

Our recent research of the market has uncovered four compelling reasons why you should act now to understand your position and plan for the future.

We encourage you to not let the short term issues of interest rates and inflation make you lose sight of your long-term goals.

Financial planning and property investment are a long-term game, so we thought wed share these four compelling trends with you:

  1. KPMG has just released a report predicting a 15% growth in property values in the next 18 months
  2. With current immigration forecast to outpace our ability to meet housing requirements, rental shortages will surely reach levels like we’ve never experienced before
  3. As a result, upward pressure on rental prices is set to outstrip the already steep trend of the past few years.
  4. Low unemployment is fuelling one of the tightest labour markets we’ve seen in a long time which means developers are competing with major infrastructure projects for staff, leading to even more demand for immigration

Any one of these factors could make property investment even more appealing. Together they all make an entirely compelling picture.

If you are feeling confused, stuck or not sure what to do, reach out now.

We can help you plan what works for your situation and then start you moving in the right direction. Of course, this is general advice and only a personal appointment can lead to choices that are right for you.

Book an appointment with one of our experienced team to assess your personal situation and plan for the future.

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