Why wait until the New Year to make your resolution?

24 November 2023, 12:28 am

Why getting ahead of the game is the smart play for investors

Like everyone else, you’ve probably made a New Year Resolution or two. You get through the busy time of the Festive Season with family and friends, and when you have a chance to take a breath you start thinking about what you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months.

Why wait? Get a head start and make that resolution now.

We’re already seeing the beginnings of a boom in the property investment market. Massive increases in planned immigration, housing stock shortages and spiralling rental demand will put upward pressure on property values in 2024.

  1. KPMG has just released a report predicting a 15% growth in property values in the next 18 months
  2. With the current immigration forecast to outpace our ability to meet housing requirements, rental shortages will surely reach levels like we’ve never experienced before
  3. As a result, upward pressure on rental prices is set to outstrip the already steep trend of the past few years.
  4. Low unemployment is fuelling one of the tightest labour markets we’ve seen in a long time which means developers are competing with major infrastructure projects for staff, leading to even more demand for immigration

Irrespective of where inflation and interest rates end up, there is no doubt investors should be getting ready to take advantage of this upswing.

At Finwell Group, we want to help you get that head start, and help you arm yourself with the latest research and information. Educated in the current trends, you can then make plans that suit your individual circumstances.

Sure, you can wait, just like everyone else. Or you can be the early bird, and get your resolutions all sorted even before you head off for the Christmas holidays.

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