The Right Help with Property

18 June 2019, 12:20 pm

For those of you who’ve bought real estate from us before (IDPA), we know how your experience has gone, it’s been a victory!

– with most of you receiving a review call to discuss how your property is going and offering you property reports comparing our value criteria with your existing properties. For those who bought elsewhere, this review could ensure you have a brighter future.

There is a common thread as an investor myself, we ‘get’ what we think about. So we suggest a regular performance check is critical, so you stay rational and positive on your investing. Our new ongoing service proposition is something we think every one of you should have if you are serious about monitoring the performance of your assets.

Stuart Lavender and I have been working alongside some of Australia’s most successful developers to hand pick investments for our clients. This has meant great value for clients.

We know with confidence that our value criteria that we’ve preached to you all for years works, and that each of you would benefit from using it for your portfolios as a yardstick. We also know you can raise your certainty on your chosen investment strategy with the power of information. So the time to review is NOW!

Contact Natalie to schedule a no-obligation review to check if your assets are stacking up.