You Always Get What You Need

4 June 2019, 2:07 pm

Have you ever had a moment where you didn’t have enough money? – You solved it right!!?

In this very situation lies enormous wisdom. The key learning to grow your wealth exponentially. It’s what you take from that very scenario. Bear with me, it’s worth it…

The wisdom in the situation is what I call ‘necessity’.

More simply put, if you really need something, you are willing to endure whatever it takes to have it, right?

What I notice the most in the dealings with thousands of families I’ve had as clients, is the level of necessity they have for money, and within it the ability to have more, however, habitually we seem to aim to ‘be comfortable’ and focus just on the problems of every day living. There is so much to lose by doing that. So I suggest to every client that you aim a lot higher in life than being comfortable, otherwise, you will undershoot your best possible outcome by a very along way.

The secret is to ‘raise your necessity’ level up and who knows, if you make it, you could be rich and have more choices!