The Banks Are Getting Belted

4 June 2019, 2:02 pm

The inquiry into banking has left many in shock, with many bankers joining the unemployment queues.

Fear has been leading decisions and changes to credit rules have been driving brokers crazy, with the remodelling of strategies a common issue and processing times heading towards a standstill at times. While these things all seem bleak, and it is for many, good strategy and willingness to accept change leads to good outcomes and the ability to still benefit from lending.

Although credit has become harder to get, interest only lending coming under fire and many having to prepare for an inevitable shift to principal and interest repayments, there is still a lot of great deals around.

Luckily, finance has always been our specialty. Recent meetings with many of you have to lead to better financial outcomes where finance is concerned. To ensure great experiences we’ve added a few people to our mortgage team to ensure that the service you receive is clear, prompt and well delivered.

Don’t despair, just step up to review, reset and benefit.